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The era before CLO'zer

Over 20 years of experience in sales, where I achieved most of my successes thanks to my fluent writing and ability to have a great talk. Some of the companies I have particularly fond memories of are; EBP, EOL, Global Design & Build, Bouwkroniek and ISS
But… Sales involves so much more than sipping coffee, having lunch and preparing proposals, and I therefore owe most of my successes to a few recurring actions that I was guaranteed to apply at all my employers: 
–   Research: what does company x do, what does it stand for, what is the history of my contact, …
–   Customized presentations: according to the look and feel of company x
–   Customer delight: I never wanted to “just sell”, but rather offer added value for the client

Why CLO'zer?

Because just sales could no longer satisfy my hunger, because I saw there were so many endless opportunities ahead of me in which I could both sell and, above all, be C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E! Those knowing me for a longer time.. you know that I love puns, that the wildest adventures can really take shape and… that I want to and will achieve my goals with full PASSION! 

This what I wanted to share with others! 

CLO'zer, what about the name?

Most of my e-mail addresses always started with clo@…. And I was definitely going to do something with that! My objective is to bring you, the client, closer to the intended turnover, closer to the client and closer to your personal goals: getting closer. 

Since I am C.reative, I gave it a personal twist and that’s how CLO’zer was born in 2019! 

From day 1, I haven’t known a single dull moment , but extremely exciting and Funtastic moments!